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TRIS Rating provides credit rating services to companies or organizations that seek to raise fund in the Thai debt capital market or those who would like to have an independent opinion on their credit standing.

There are two types of ratings performed by TRIS Rating: an issuer rating (sometimes referred to as company rating) and an issue rating. An issuer rating is a credit rating assigned to a company, whereas an issue rating is a credit rating assigned to a specific issue of debt securities. A company wishing to have a credit rating for its debt securities issues is typically required to have an issuer rating (company rating) first.

TRIS Rating also provides credit rating services for structured finance transactions and hybrid instruments.


TRIS Rating publishes rating information and research articles on its website. This information is accessible to general public.    

Green Bond Verification ServiceS

TRIS Rating is a qualified green bond verifier under the Green Bond Certification Scheme of Climate Bonds Initiative (“CBI”). As a qualified green bond verifier, TRIS Rating provides verification services to green bond issuers in conformance with CBI’s Climate Bond Standard. The verification report from TRIS Rating is used by the green bond issuer to apply for green bond certification by CBI. 

 Green Bond (TRIS Rating)