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TRIS Rating Co., Ltd. (TRIS Rating) has more than 20 years of rating experience, dating back to 1993 when the credit rating function was a part of Thai Rating and Information Services Co., Ltd., the first credit rating agency in Thailand which was later renamed as TRIS Corporation Ltd. (TRIS). As part of a corporate restructuring in 2002, the entire credit rating operation was moved to TRIS Rating as a separate business entity, wholly owned by TRIS, dedicated to credit rating services.

Since its inception, TRIS Rating has played an important role in the development of the Thai debt capital market. Adhering to its core corporate value of independence and striving to continually improve its rating services, TRIS Rating has firmly established its reputation in the Thai debt capital market as the leading independent credit rating agency with high professional standards. By providing reliable, high quality rating services, the company has played a supporting role in attracting an increasing number of participants in the Thai debt capital market, from both the issuer and investor side. By the end of 2016, TRIS Rating had rated around 400 Thai companies, plus a number of foreign debt issuers, and total debt issues worth more than Baht 3 trillion.


Partnership with S&P Global Ratings

TRIS Rating’s path of development as a key pillar of the Thai debt capital market was marked with another crucial milestone in June 2016 when S&P Global Ratings, the world’s leading provider of credit risk research services, acquired a 49% equity stake in TRIS Rating from its parent company, TRIS.   The transaction signified the deepening of collaborations between TRIS Rating and S&P Global Ratings that started in 1993. S&P Global Ratings provided technical assistance when TRIS was first set up. The partnership with S&P Global Ratings, will help TRIS Rating strengthen its credit rating capability and broaden the range of services to better serve the Thai debt capital market.